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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coffee - The Unsung Hero of the Work Week

Today I felt like recognizing the many times that my dear sweet friend Coffee has kept me from being fired, from being slapped, and possibly out of jail. Happy rest of the work week!

Coffee, coffee, how I love thee,
Let me count the ways.

You start my mornings ever brightly
Despite the dismal days.

You give me strength to speak and smile
When I’d rather run away.

You turn monsters into people
In a cup or three a day

You fend off Armageddon
And keep it safe at bay.

But I thank you most of all
For the near impossible way

You help me cope with the masses
Whom otherwise I might flay.

GarfieldWorkplace Violence


  1. Love it! Coffee is amazing. I couldn't live without it.

  2. What a creative way to let us know that coffee keeps you from becoming Alice from the Dilbert cartoon. :D

    Nice job!

  3. Kelly, I couldn't agree more! And Diane, my fear is that I'd be more like Alice from Resident Evil. See what coffee has saved us from?

  4. Too cute!!! Although I'm impressed you only have three? :)

  5. Love this! You're awesome and so is coffee! :)

  6. By the way I gave you the Kreativ blogger award!

  7. Nicole, I have to admit, I drink from a BIG cup :-)

    Vanessa, you're so sweet! I took time off from work yesterday to get to work on packing the house we're wanting to sell and do some other odd jobs around it, so I'm sitting down to a few nice big cups of it this morning :-)


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