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Thursday, October 18, 2012

And The Winner Is....

Well, well, well, after some technology surprises, fails, and slight misdemeanors, my first giveaway is officially at an end! I've had the chance to meet so many new people during this swag event and I've even gotten to know where the pitfalls are in using the internet for things like this. We have so many devices and so many different browsers with which we access webpages now and they all have their own little quirks; some of them are more set in their ways than a little old lady of 110 years. Some blocked the comment form, but let folks email me, some blocked emails and let folks comment or follow me, and some couldn't get to me at all through Blogger and sought me out through Facebook. Next time, I’m going to go even simpler and do it through Facebook – anyone who leaves a comment gets an entry! J

Drum roll, please

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...
Congrats to the following ladies for being the winners of my first giveaway: 
Diane Carlisle, Shanna Hartwell, and Aubrey Oberlander!

I'll be getting with each of you so I can ship your packages, but in the meantime, go buy a lotto ticket because today is your lucky day! :-)


  1. *Dancing all around, dancing all around, dancing all a-rou-ound*


  2. Congratulations all!

  3. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I never have any luck with lotto tickets. Sure would be nice though.


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