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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tour Stop and FREE MONEY! Working for "The Man"

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I'm super excited today to be a tour stop for the AMAZINGLY talented Elizabeth Seckman! 

(Skim at your own risk - there's a giveaway within!)
Elizabeth is an author, a wife, a mother of FOUR active boys, and yet she is one of the most prolific bloggers and productive writers I know. Add to that already impressive mix her great personality and ability to get you giggling within 2 minutes of meeting her and you should be as surprised as I am that she hasn't taken over the Tonight Show yet!

Elizabeth's 2nd novel, Healing Summer, hit the shelves in December and as far as her readers are concerned the next one can't come soon enough. I'm a hardcore Fantasy/SF addict, but Elizabeth has a flair for wit, situational irony and dialogue that made me happily add her first novel, Past Due, to the incredibly short list of romance novels that not only have I read, but I've loved! Take a look a the blurb for Healing Summer and even try telling me that this doesn't sound like a blast to read:

Click here to find 'Healing Summer' and 'Past Due' on Amazon!

Maybe Love, Not Time, Heals All Wounds...
Ditched at the altar…biopsied for cancer…Mollie Hinkle is having a bona fide bitch of a summer. When life sucks so hard it takes your breath away, what's a girl to do? Pack a bag, grab a few friends, and leave the past and the worry in the rear view mirror. What wounds can’t be healed by a drive across the Heartland, where quarter flips at cross roads determine the route and the future? All roads lead to Craig, the second son and bad boy of the haughty Coulter line. Has fate brought her to the miniscule Montana town to find happily ever after or will it just break her heart?
“Healing Summer” is the second book in the Coulter Men Series.

Find all of Elizabeth's tour stops here!

As part of Elizabeth's Blog Tour she's agreed to let her hosts give her the first prompt that popped into our silly little heads. Brave, isn't she? Given that I'd been dealing government job frustrations at the time, I gave her the prompt of 'Working for 'The Man.'' Being the sweetheart that she is, she took my temper tantrum rant and turned it into the inspiration for an ode to her husband... 'The Man' at her house :-)

Working for the Man!
In my house, Da Man is Mr. Chad Seckman!
 He’s the king of the castle-
The prince of all he purveys-
The master of the manor-
The shiz of the nit…
And he has no clue where his clothes are kept-
Or how to match an outfit-
Or the name of his favorite salad dressing-
Or the names of his kids’ teachers-
Or his cousins-
He always knows where I left my keys, my purse, and my phone.
And he’s the one who fills the toilet paper roll, the dog food bin, and the gas tank.
We have a special relationship-
He’s the boss and I’m the board. 

Don't Miss What's Next!

If you can't tell already, she's FAR nicer than I am. In fact, she's so nice that she's even giving away $100 to a lucky winner of this Rafflecopter giveaway. Be sure to enter and share the love!  You can also find all of her other stops from this tour here. Check them out and be sure to vote for your favorite by commenting on her page!

For the roll-up, here's the skinny on how to find Elizabeth in all of her favorite hangouts:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elizabeth-Seckman-Author/361427683923220
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5806570.Elizabeth_Seckman 
Blogger: http://eseckman.blogspot.com/
Her Books: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_17?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=elizabeth%20seckman&sprefix=elizabeth%20seckman,aps,489&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aelizabeth%20seckman&ajr=2 


  1. Thanks for having me over Ashley!

  2. I totally agree, Ashley, Elizabeth could definitely spice up The Tonight Show! Isn't it time for Dave to retire?!?! And Elizabeth, Chad Seckman is a lucky man! :)

    1. Maybe we should petition the White House to make it happen! It seems like that's the popular thing to do these days :-)

    2. They keep calling, but they say the camera adds five pounds and well, I just can't go there.

      But thanks ladies! And thanks Ashley for all the kind words. (forgot to mention that earlier...in a hurry to check all the rafflecopters.)

  3. Anonymous2:47 PM

    A great prompt and equal response--great job ladies! Cheers to Mr. Seckman!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Alan! Elizabeth is a super guest and one hard-working lady :-)

  4. Nice twist on 'Working for the Man.' As long as your relationship works keep doing what you're doing. Nice tour and best of luck.


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