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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Author Interview and Cover Reveal - Ronda Paige

Today I have the unique privilege of hosting my first interview with not only a talented author, but also a co-worker and a friend. Ronda Paige is the author of Patience's Love, a sea-faring, swash-buckling epic romance guaranteed to leave you breathless. Ronda is also an author in the Center One Publishing stable and this, her first novel, will be available 11/13/12. Click on the link below her beautiful cover art to check out sample chapters and pre-order your own copy today!

Click here to pre-order your copy!
From the Book Jacket:  Patience Douglas was to be the most shy, demur, fragile, docile creature on the face of the earth. In short, everything Patty MacDouglas (Captain Flame) was not. She would dress in the most feminine and frilly dresses, with her hair left long, and she would even use a breathless coy tone of voice to further separate the two personalities...
Terrance Bordeaux was a disappointment to his family, a fop in the truest sense of the word. Traveling at a whim, dressing in whatever the latest fashion and spending his father's wealth without concern, quite unlike the businesslike Terror of the Seas.
Fate put the two together; however, could either trust enough to allow the other to see their true self?

A: How long have you been writing?  
R: Off and on since my senior year in High School.    Studyhall, fan fiction with my friends as lead characters.  We had a lot of fun with that.

A; What was your initial inspiration for Patience’s Love? 
R: A computer game :-). Probably from the mid eighties, don't remember the name, just that it was one of the early ones, text based and had something to do with escaping from a pirate ship.

A: Patty MacDouglas is a striking and strong female lead; did you have any real-life role models for her character? 
R: My Mom, she was a very independent self reliant person,  she taught me to be the same.  That and working in what was once considered a male dominated field you learn how to handle various situations.

A: What was the biggest challenge for you in writing this novel?  
R: Time.  The released version has gone through many drafts.  I wrote in spurts, laid it aside when other things took priority, then would start again.  The main story line was there, but the details of the story took years to unfold.

A: What can we look forward to next from Ronda Paige? 
R: A lot I hope, at last count there were nine concepts.  The next one however is a trilogy which follows the relationship between two law enforcement officers set in the future where law enforcement is on a Stellar scale.

Thanks to Ronda for making herself available! Take a look at her sample chapters on Center One's website here. 

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