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Monday, August 20, 2012

Author Interview and Cover Reveal - S.P. Cervantes

Once again today I have the privilege of sharing another fantastic author from Center One's stable of talent. S.P. Cervantes is the author of the upcoming novel Always and Forever, the first installment of the highly promising Shadow Hill series. I've had the pleasure of getting to know S.P. over the past few weeks and she is a passionate writer full of wonderful ideas. Her debut novel is a YA fantasy, but don't let that fool you. In addition to wizards, covens, and terrifying monsters, Always and Forever entices the reader with a budding, yet tense romance between Ava and Dalton, two of the novel's very well-drawn characters. What else could a reader ask for? From her book jacket...

Always and Forever
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Twin sisters Ava and Hannah were ripped from their peaceful seeming lives into a whirlwind of attacks and war only to learn the real truth about their existence.
Nothing was as it seemed anymore and may never be again. They had already lost their father in childhood now they have to cope with their mother's kidnapping as they watch those sworn to protect them risk their lives.

A: How long have you been writing?
S: I have been writing since I was in grade school. My older brother was really into the choose your own adventure stories, and I would try and make up my own. As I got older I wrote mostly short stories, but was never confident enough to share them. 

A: How would you describe the main theme of Always and Forever?
S: The main theme for Always and Forever is about a girl becoming a woman trying to understand herself and the power she has while facing challenges and danger that have her questioning everything she thought she knew about herself and the world she lives in.

A: Most authors have a love hate relationship with writing. What did you love/hate about writing this novel?
S: I love writing the Secrets of Shadow Hill series. I began Always and Forever while pregnant and on bedrest with my twins as a way to keep my mind sharp and positive. Writing has always been a stress releiver for me. The fantasy genre lets me be creative and focus on something other than my busy life.
The most difficult part of writing is finding the time and letting go of my insecurities. I am a mother of 3 and a teacher, which keeps me very busy. Luckily my husband is very supportive of my writing and gives me time when I am "in my groove" and have to get my ideas down. I don't know if any of my books would have ever gotten done without his support and help with my kids. My twin sister was pivitol in encouraging me to get over my insecurities and putting my book out there to be published. I knew if anyone would tell me my book was horrible, she would. She is an avid reader and I respect her opinion greatly. I always tell my students that you will never reach the stars if you don't try, and am glad that I finally decided to take my own advice.

A: I love that the story is written from each of your main characters’ POV. Was it difficult to switch modes between their voices?
S: The struggles for me in writing the story from my two main characters' point of view was not being repetitive. I felt by writing from both points of view, I could better tell the internal struggles the two characters were having while facing danger. I loved writing the story from this type of format.

A: What can we look forward to next from the Shadow Hill series?
I am very excited for the next stories from my series as more secrets of Shadow Hill are revealed. The second book has a lot of action and is very suspensful. There are a lot of twists and turns as my main characters face struggles and danger while trying to protect their coven and the world. I literally could not stop writing it and hope my readers will feel the same way when reading it. I am very proud of this series and am excited to share them!

Great answers, S.P.! For all of you wanting to learn more secrets about Shadow Hill, click here to read sample chapters of Always and Forever.

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